Contract Whist Cards

Contract Whist or CWhist is an exciting version of the card game Whist in which players bid for the number of tricks they are likely to win. Unlike many other card games, Contract Whist has the advantage that players can score well with a low-value hand. With each player trying to make the exact number of tricks bid, losing tricks becomes as important as winning tricks. Bonus points will be scored only if the exact number of tricks bid is made, so the game is characterized by precise play at every point.

Other key features are that the number of cards changes each round, along with the trump suit, requiring different strategies throughout the game. The game is played by a single user against intelligent computer hands giving 2, 3 or 4 players in total.


Our Contract-Whist or CWhist software provides a well designed user interface. Easy selection of card play and bid combines with custom designed cards and well laid out presentation of score, bid, tricks and game state tables. The cards and data tables have been accurately scaled for a number of different video resolutions, so it becomes unnecessary to change resolution to get a decent display. Card play is also animated and the card speed can be varied.


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Contract Whist Cards

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